Best Sites to visit in Scandinavian Countries

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Sailing across Copenhagen Canal:

Copenhagen means "Merchants' Harbor" where a great canal runs across the city and its banks are studded with old and new buildings. The old merchant houses, roadside cafes and busy harbor make it a beautiful busy city. You may witness not only old but the modern Danish architecture through the cruise tour.  


Tivoli Gardens:

Stretching over an area of 20 acres, Tivoli Garden is one of the oldest gardens in the world. It is a must destination to visit during your European tours. There are amazing rides, interesting games and tasteful restaurants. Lovely blooming flower pots and beautiful merry faces make it a charismatic place. Walk leisurely or dance with the music, the garden offers everything chic to connect with the Danes closely.


Isle of Ærø:

A picturesque island of Ærø is a blend of old and new. There are traditional farm sheds and houses as well as has one of the world's largest solar power plants. Clear, calm and cobalt Baltic sea, blue sky decorated with a thin white sheet of clouds, sand and green land altogether give a spectacular view. One can explore the whole isle via bike easily.


Norway in a Nutshell:

Book a train ticket to reach to the most scenic part of Norway, waterfalls, fjords, mountains and the sea make the west coast of the country. Fields dotted with colourful tiny houses and farm sheds, cobblestone paths are decorated with vibrant flowers, merry goat-sheeps and the melodious sounds of waterfalls, in short it is a fairy-land.  


Jotunheim, Plateau in Norway:

Going towards high above is an amazing experience. Winding road having rocky land with patches of green on both sides while white snowy peaks mingles neatly with the cloud covered sky giving a quaint feeling. Once reaching the top the Europe's biggest glacier, Jostedal welcomes you with its enigmatic beauty.


Norwegian Folk Museum:

Folk dances on folk melodies, children enjoying in a traditional horse buggy, craftsman sitting here and there and showing their artistic work and an array of log houses and other buildings together make this fantastic folk museum. Step inside to know the real Norwegian folk lifestyle closely that is preserved through centuries.


Sweden's Heart, Stockholm:

The city is comprised of fourteen islands that are connected together with fifty bridges. The harbour is looks busy as the merchant ships sail towards the Baltic Sea. While the locals enjoy fresh breeze and stroll or jog along the cobblestones paths. Inside the city there is a King's Garden, which was once a private domain but now it is a public place. Elegant facades, fountains and green field decorated with colourful flowers is a place to understand the Swedish lifestyle closely. Another very interesting place is the ‘'Ice Bar'' where everything is made up of Ice. The whole bar, sofa, tables and even the glasses in which you would enjoy Vodka are all made up of ice.

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