The 10 Best Foods for Boosting Testosterone in Women

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When it comes to Bodybuilding, our fabulously strong women are showing the men that anything you can do, we can do just as well (if not in some cases, even better!) However, one thing men have over us ladies is the ability to naturally produce more testosterone.

Although women do produce the male reproductive hormone, we do not produce as much. Furthermore, as we age our natural production tends to slow. This can lead to a whole host of issues, most commonly including osteoporosis and muscle weakness.

As testosterone is largely responsible for muscle building, it is imperative to ensure you are getting the right levels in order to gain the most from your workouts. Luckily however, you can find everything you need to maximise your testosterone levels during your weekly food shop.

10 Testosterone boosting superfoods


Although many people avoid over consumption of eggs due to their high levels of cholesterol, believe it or not that is exactly what we are aiming for. As testosterone is derived from cholesterol ensuring you eat enough is a sure fire way to start boosting your testosterone levels. It doesn’t matter if you like them boiled, scrambled or fried just getting one on your breakfast is a great way to start the day.

  • If you want to increase good cholesterol in your body you can try including foods such as: beans, whole grains and nuts.


Our little yellow friends are packed full with potassium which is also vital for the production of testosterone. Plus they give you energy and are a great quick, handy snack.

  • If you need more potassium, another great source is: Avocados

3.Lean Beef

We all know that lean meat is full of protein which is vitally important for building muscle and for us to generally get the most out of our workouts. However, lean beef is also packed with zinc, a mineral which is crucial for maintaining healthy levels of testosterone. Moreover, lean beef also has saturated fat which also assists the production of testosterone. So why not grill yourself a steak and pop a poached egg on top for a testosterone boosting lunch?

  • You can find other sources of saturated fat in: Butter, Chocolate, lamb and full fat dairy produce.


Liver is one of those things that people tend to either love or hate. One great thing about liver though is it is rich with vitamin A (so much so it is not allowed for pregnant ladies) which not only maintains testosterone levels but also improves muscle strength. Added bonus, most of the time it is incredibly cheap to buy so you can stock up on plenty. If years and years of your granny’s traditional liver boiled in gravy have put you off, try it lightly sautéed with some red onions and green peppers.

  • If you want to try getting more vitamin A you can try adding to your diet: kale, sweet potatoes and spinach.

5.Swiss Chard

This lovely leafy green is great for maintaining testosterone as it is jam-packed with heaps of vitamin E. It also has the added benefit of being full of magnesium which is crucial for healthy bones!

  • If you need more magnesium in your diet, you can also find it in: cocoa powder, beans, peanut butter and whole grains.


These little crustaceans are beautifully nutritious and filled with Vitamin D which naturally increases testosterone. Another benefit of Vitamin D is it is essential in order for our body to absorb calcium, which we all know attributes largely to our bone strength.

  • If you need more vitamin D in your life, why not include: tuna, salmon and egg yolks.


Another wonder shell fish that can increase your testosterone levels because of their high levels of zinc is oysters. Probably less likely to find on your normal weekly shop, if your feeling fancy you can throw some oysters in your shopping basket. Then you can mix them with the shrimps and treat yourself to posh paella!

  • As zinc is highly important when it comes to boosting testosterone you can also find high levels of zinc in: green beans, pumpkin seeds, cashews, turkey, chicken, crab and sesame seeds.


Although it’s probably not something you want to consume in bulk (unless you’re trying to prevent unwanted advances from vampires), garlic is rich with nutrients that fight against cortisol (which works against testosterone) and so you will break down less muscle.

9.Soft White Cheeses

Who doesn’t love a little bit of soft cheese spread on a nice piece of French bread? Well some soft white cheeses also have great added benefits for your workouts. Firstly, ricotta is a great source of whey protein, another way of reducing cortisol. Cottage cheese (I know lots of people just shuddered at that thought of eating it) is full of castein protein. So next time your down the dairy isle, why not pick yourself up some ricotta.

  • If you need more whey protein in your diet, why not try: milk, yoghurt or whey protein powder.

10.Green Leafy Vegetables

Although not everyone’s idea of heaven green leafy vegetable such as cabbage, broccoli and Brussels sprouts (or fairy cabbages as they are known in my house) are high in fibre and help to keep oestrogen at bay. Although oestrogen is important for us ladies, it tends to work against testosterone, therefore, by maintaining it at a healthy level whilst increasing our testosterone offers us the chance to get the most out of our workout.

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So if you are looking to try and boost your testosterone levels in order to achieve the most success in your workouts, why not try adding these testosterone boosting super foods to your shopping list and see if you notice a difference.

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