Wonders Of Organic Food And Where To Buy It

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We all know how a car runs, it runs on gas. We have to fuel it up frequently to keep it running. Similarly, we have to fuel up our body too to keep it running. No, not with gas; but with the food, with the nutrients. We need to nourish our body to sustain the daily workload of our lives.

Well, you may say that there is nothing surprising in the above statement, that's a universal truth. But one more universal truth is that we need to eat healthy food to keep our body healthy. But how do we know that the food we are consuming is really healthy?

This is where organic food comes in the picture, which is gaining immense popularity these days. But the question here is that why is organic food considered to be so healthy? Let's find out.

According to the Google, the world "organic" Stands for food for farming methods involving production without use of the chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and other artificial alterations. This basically means that the organic crops and vegetables are grown in safer soil, have no modifications, and are kept separate from conventional food products.

According to the guidelines made by food and drug administration, the producers, or more precisely, the farmers are not allowed:

  • to use synthetic pesticides,
  • chemical-based fertilizers,
  • petroleum based fertilizers,
  • sewage-based fertilizers, and
  • Genetically bioengineered seeds in organic farms.

Similarly, organic livestock must be given organic feed and must have access to outdoors. Their raisers are not allowed to:

  • give them any antibiotics,
  • Administer growth hormones,
  • No drugs should be administered in absence of illness, or
  • Should not be fed with any kind of animal by-products.

All these prohibitions are important because they help to safeguard the quality of food in order to reduce health risk from the contaminants. Apart from being beneficial for the health, organic produce is also good for the environment as the restriction on the use of chemicals prevents them to get mixed in soil, and somehow, enter in our ecosystem.

If you are thinking that where to buy organic food from, don't worry; you don't have to hunt for it in the jungles. You just have to use a device which connects you to the Internet (can be the same device on which you are reading this article), and Google for "Organic produce delivery NYC". In turn, Google will provide links of numerous shopping carts offering fresh organic food on sale. You can either visit their physical shops, or request them to deliver your choice of vegetables and other food products to your home.

TIP: If you are planning to get food products delivered to your home, make sure about two things: one, the food you are buying should be fresh. Two, at the time of placing your order, do enquire about the delivery charges, which may or may not be applicable depending on your order amount.

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