Get Glorious Glutes: The Top 3 Squat Exercises Every Woman Should Do

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Here we are, coming to the end of the summer and all season long every magazine, breakfast cereal and fitness guru has been telling you how to achieve that perfect beach body and get bikini ready. You got the tan; you did the diet and even hit the treadmill daily. Sadly though, for some reason your brand new fluorescent bikini bottoms just weren’t quite as on form as you’d hoped. That is because there is simply not enough cereal in the world to leave you with a bottom that rivals JLo.

So, even though summer is almost over and it’s time to start wrapping up again, who doesn’t want to look and feel fabulous in a pair of winter leggings? But, if you want to get that Beyonce behind that everyone craves, there is only one way - to squat, squat and squat some more!

Therefore, I am going to tell you the top squat exercises you should incorporate in your weekly workout plan to leave you with the derrière you desire! As well as lots of other reasons why squatting is going to help you get the most out of your gym sessions.

Why is Squatting so Important?

Squatting is a technique that should realistically be included in everyone’s workout routine, both men and women alike. Although mainly thought of as a leg exercise which focuses on the quads, hamstrings and glutes, squatting also offers major benefits throughout the entire body.

What are some of the Benefits of Squatting?

Build Muscle Throughout Your Entire Body

Squatting produces an anabolic environment which encourages overall muscle building throughout your entire body.  If executed correctly, an intense squat routine can encourage the natural production of testosterone within the body, which of course is important for muscle growth. Therefore, adding squats into your routine can assist you in building muscle in your upper body as well as your legs.

Squatting can Make you Faster

It is suggested by a number of studies that performing squats can results in faster running speeds. A vast amount of research has shown that encouraging athletes to squat and adding further weight has then directly resulted in faster sprinting speeds.

Burn More Fat

The most efficient way to burn more fat is to simply increase your overall muscle mass. Your body will naturally burn an extra 50 calories per day for every 1 pound of muscle you gain. Therefore, you can burn an extra 500 calories per day than you did previously from simply gaining an additional 10 pounds of muscle.

Prevent Injuries and help Maintain Balance

In general, in regards to athletics the majority of injuries happen due to weak ligaments, connective tissue and most importantly weak core and stabilising muscles.  Because squatting has a massive impact on your core muscles, this helps to improve your balance. Furthermore, as squatting improves flexibility and strength in the leg joints, this not only helps maintain balance but also prevents injuries.


Top 3 squat Exercises to perform

I don’t know anyone who wants to eat the same meal three times a day, every day. The same goes for your workouts. The only way to get the most out of your workout is to give it your full focus and 110% effort. Which, let’s face it, you’re not going to do if your bored!

So, because we now know how important squatting is and why, here are a variety of squats to incorporate into your workouts to keep things interesting.


Basic Bodyweight Squat

This is the holy grail of squats; if you can’t perform this one then you can’t perform any of its adaptations either. The best thing about bodyweight squats is you can perform them anywhere and they need no equipment.

  1. Start with your feet just a little over hip distance apart
  2. Keep great posture, back straight, shoulders back and head up
  3. Keep your arms out parallel in front of you.
  4. Bend your knees while pushing your hips backwards
  5. Bend down as far as you can (aiming for a 90 degree angle)
  6. Hold for about 2 seconds
  7. Straighten back up to your starting position
  8. Repeat

Here is an example of how to perform a bodyweight squat safely:


Wide Leg Barbell Squat

The wide leg squat is a great adaptation of the basic bodyweight squat. Adding extra weight and resistance from the barbell intensifies the squat and makes your muscles work harder. However, if you’re new to squatting remember to get someone to spot you with the barbell or use a smith machine.

  1. Hold the barbell (with or without weights) across your upper back with an overhand grip
  2. Keep feet at a wide, comfortable stance
  3. Perform a slow, steady squat (aiming for 90 degrees)
  4. Hold for about 2 seconds
  5. Straighten back up to your starting position
  6. Repeat

Here is an example of how to perform a barbell squat safely:


Pistol Squat

The pistol squat is excellent for not only building strength but for correcting muscular imbalances. Pistol squats are a more advanced squat and it is best to start by using a vertical pole to spot yourself before moving on to a free standing pistol squat.

  1. Stand with legs hip width apart and one leg raised slightly off the floor (kept there throughout the exercise)
  2. Arms should be out in front of you, shoulder width apart, parallel to the floor
  3. Perform a slow, steady squat on your supporting leg
  4. Hold for about 2 seconds
  5. Straighten back up to your starting position
  6. Repeat

Here is an example of how to perform a pistol squat safely:

Now you know that adding squatting exercises into you workout routine not only gives you great glutes and killer quads, but also helps you burn more fat, improves your balance and increases all over muscle mass. Plus, with these top 3 squat exercises you are guaranteed to push yourself and get the most out of your workout.

So the only thing to do now ladies is to go forth and squat like a boss!

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