Dump the Dumbbells: Why Everyone Should Try Kettlebell Training

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re a gym genius or complete newbie, whether you workout daily or think your too busy to hit the gym, because anyone can try kettlebell training.

Kettlebell training has become incredible trendy over the last few years. But unlike most fitness fads that aren’t particularly beneficial and go out as fast as they came in, kettlebell training has shown it’s here to stay.

Whoever decided to take a cannonball and stick a handle on it was genius! Not only do kettlebells give you an all round, strength and aerobic workout, but they are also compact and easy to take and use anywhere.

So what are the biggest benefits of kettlebell training and what how do they compare to dumbbells? Well, let’s find out!


Top 10 Benefits of Kettlebell Training

Kettlebell training has a number of benefits for lots of people. Whether you’re an experienced lifter looking to challenge yourself with a new type of training or a single mother looking to get a quick workout in your living room while your baby is napping, everyone can find a benefit in kettlebells.

Full Body Workout

Kettlebell training is a great all round workout. Exercises are made up of compound, whole body movements; therefore, you are working on your muscles from head to toe. This is great for people looking to tone and strengthen their entire body without having to use numerous machines, each isolating a single muscle group.

Cardio and Strength in one Workout

Kettlebell training combines both cardio and strength training in one workout. In terms of cardio, it has all the benefits of running on a treadmill without the boredom and bad knees! Kettlebells offer ballistic, non impact exercises which give you a whole body workout while actually strengthening your joints. Kettlebells also offer similar advantages to high intensity interval training (HIIT) rather than hours and hours of cardio. Furthermore, kettlebells offer whole body strength training that builds lean muscle; therefore, ladies can use them without the worry of bulking up.

Compact and Transportable

You don’t need a gym membership, an entire home gym or even a bookcase full of exercise DVDs. One kettlebell alone can give you an amazing workout. Plus, because they are relatively small, you can fit your entire gym under your bed! Being compact means you can take them anywhere, even the office or on holiday, making it easier to work out anytime.

Short and Sweet

Due to the high intensity of the workout when using kettlebells, they need to be kept relatively short. Therefore, they are easier to fit in and around other things. Plus because of their size and ability to give your body a cardio and strength training session in one, it is easy for the mega busy manager to take one to the office and get a workout in on their lunch break.

Burns Through Fat

Because of the range of exercises with the kettlebell, there is a high metabolic cost. Also, the intensity of the workout encourages the natural production of human growth hormone, building more muscle which in turn burns more fat.

Cost Effective

You can buy them almost everywhere at an incredibly reasonable price and having workout plan that is portable and accessible anywhere means you can ditch the gym membership.

Heals Aches and Pains

There are numerous entire body benefits to using kettlebells in terms of rehabilitation. The range of movement in the shoulders alone, adding stability and strength to the joint makes kettlebells renown for curing bad shoulders. Also, most exercises engage your core and stabiliser muscles which leads to a stronger back, in turn often curing back pain.

There are vast rehabilitating benefits to kettlebell training including

  • Stabalises joints
  • Builds flexibility
  • Builds Mobility
  • Increses Coordination
  • Better spinal stability
  • Corrects Imbalances
  • Improves posture

Safe To Use

Kettlebells are safe for anyone of any age. Each has its own weight and therefore you can simply buy the correct weight which is manageable for you to use. Unlike free weights, you are not left putting on and taking off extra weights, its just one compact piece of equipment.

Do it at Home

Because one kettlebell is all you need, you can literally workout in your bedroom. You can be in the privacy of your own home even in your PJs if you wanted to! That is the beauty of it. You can even go outside in the garden if you want to workout in the fresh air.

It Really Works

Tried 50 different home workout DVDs? Had numerous gym memberships which have expired time and time again without you ever venturing to the gym? We’ve all been there! The beauty of kettlebells is everyone from elite athletes to your mum and dad can use them and they do! Simple reason, because the benefits are noticeable and that in itself keeps you motivated.


Kettlebells vs Dumbbells

Kettlebells are very different to dumbbells and anyone who has picked one up can tell you that. Kettlebells have an off centre design which is intended to target the stabaliser muscles and offer a wider range of movement. Dumbbells are more for iscolated movements. If you’re a dedicated lifter, kettlebells will not give you the results you desire, however, they are great to add in perhaps once a week for a whole body workout which is still meeting your strength training needs. However, for your average gym user who isn’t really into weightlifting, they are a great option to build full body strength.

So why not think about investing in a kettlebell or even a few different weights. Then not only will you have a full body workout that is accessible anywhere, but you will never need to run on a treadmill ever again! Bonus!

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