What Shoes Are Best For Flat Feet?

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The foot arch results from a curve in metatarsal and tarsal bones and acts as natural shock absorbers for the feet, knees, ankles and even hips during running, walking and standing and any other feet movement. The arch height differs from person to person who may have low, normal or high arch and others do not have an arch at all. Those without this arch are said to have flat feet and they unfortunately are prone to body stress and injuries.

One of the best ways of keeping such injuries and stress at bay when you have flat feet is by choosing the right kind of shoes. The best shoe for flat feet should offer support and a few shoe characteristics make a pair ideal for the fallen arches.

Arch support

If you have flat feet, then good arch support is among the things you should look for when buying your pair of shoes. A lack of the same will only continue full contact to the foot bed and ligaments and tendons will continue to be strained causing your pain. A shoe with good arch support will take the pressure off upper body weight. Choose shoes that are targeted especially for individuals with collapsed arches or those designed with podiatrist input to offer the much needed arch support.

Heel stability

The best shoe for flat feet should have a heel that is firm and stiff and also relatively close to heel edges. It is important that you choose a shoe that is not too loose and neither too tight and instead find a good balance between the two so there is reduced heel roll or play when walking or running. Majority of podiatrist designed shoes for flat feet come with just the perfect feet so you should not have a tedious time finding your comfortable fit to stabilize the heel.

Rigidity and durability

Because fallen arches have a stability lack, the shoes need to be rigid and durable so they do not twist and turn with every step taken. The shoe that you choose should only bend at the toe area and not in the middle. Too much twisting and bending will reach a mid foot area and the foot pain will be excessive making walking or running very difficult.

In general, people with flat feet should look for support shoes and keep off sandals, flip flops and high heels because they do not have any support. Stability shoes are also very good for the fallen arches because they help in correct pronation of the feet when running or walking as it is the case with flat feet. Most walking and running shoe brands have stability shoes line. If the pronation is severe, then motion control shoes may be necessary. They offer additional control and support so the ankles are kept straight during forward movement. They use dual density foam to achieve the improved control and stability and you can ask before buying so you get to purchase the perfect pair for you. 

When looking for the best shoes for flat feet, support and stability are the main areas to focus on. You can make comparisons between the shoes so you get a shoe that works for the flat feet and at the same time a shoe that you love and works for your style.

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