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Imagine there was no milk on this planet? It would have been hard for the people to gain supreme strength to perform a lot of activities. Milk is the prime source of both protein and calcium. Calcium checks on bone development while protein works to offer energy. Where is milk manufactured in India? Dairy farming in India is mainly handled by families in the rural areas. This is more of a traditional business which is passed on from generation to generation. This milk is gathered by the large dairy industries which process it for supplying it far and wide. Indian dairy farms are counted as the prime source of milk in the country. At present, due to the outburst of technology newer methods of automatic milk suction have been introduced. This has made the job simpler. Moreover, proper learning is offered to cattle breeders so that they can maximize their production. Dairy experts are there to guide cattle breeders so that they can shortlist the best breeds of cow in their farms. One can even gain information related to cattle maintenance that is very important.

Dairy Farming in India

  1. The dairy industry in India has survived numerous difficulties in order to gain the title of the most economical industry.
  2. The dairy farm owners require a large piece of land and resources in order to enter this business. There is a need for feeding the cows with corns, hay and other crops which are eventually grown on these fields.
  3. It is a cycle which needs to be retained with the inclusion of cows. Cattle breeding also cover different phases like pregnancy, impregnation and lactation. It is very important to analyze the age of every cow in order to decide its role into this cycle.
  4. Fresh cow milk is not counted as healthy for the human body. There are numerous notions which are active at present that totally decline the consumption of fresh milk. But the National dairy council has declared that there is no healthier drink than the cow's milk.
  5.  A number of health disorders are cured by the consumption of organic milk. Bone disorders along with heart issues are very well managed by this heavenly drink.
  6. Best dairy farms in India would be available in the state of Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Punjab.

Milk Production in India

  1. The whole network of milk production in the country is managed in a systematic manner.
  2. There are some popular brands that offer milk to every Indian household.

The whole milk industry accounts for 3 lakh crore rupees which is totally bizarre.

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