What is vaping style?

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What is vaping style?


Let's start with the men…

So, what is ‘vaper style' and what does it even look like? What perception comes to mind when you picture the average vaper? Someone told me once that they think of a chubby bloke with a beard, a penchant for black t-shirts, rocks to metal music and has a tribal tattoo. I'm a vaper, and I definitely don't fall into this category, I hope… However, this sparked my curiosity and compelled me to do a little research into the average vaper looks and style. So, I ventured out into the world of vaping on a mission to pinpoint the ‘vaper look' and pair each look with the best e-liquid to fit their style.



vaping men style

Andrew Weitz is a great example.  With his business suits he loves great wine, great food and jet-setting to beautiful destinations. He also has a beard that offsets his ultra-pristine appearance and business suits in a very stylish manner. He most likely has a high profile job or a career in which he makes regular appearances in the limelight. It is evident that he has acquired a highly developed palate from trying all kinds of exotic food during his travels and a host of brag-worthy experiences. Nevertheless, he is a family man with a love for a Sunday roast at home!

The best e-liquid for him – Peppermint Chocolate



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This is a man who turns heads as he walks down the streets. He is not the type to do boring grey suits and blend into the background during rush hour. He stands out, with his colourful clothing and funky accessories. He hails from a strong ethnic background with an incredible culture and visual identity. He incorporates these elements into his everyday attire to create a fashionable look straight out of a fashion magazine. He's creative and works in a profession which enables him to put his flair and style to good use. You are most likely to see him at high profile creative events and frequently on the best-dressed lists!

His go-to vape liquid flavour  – The Green Fairy



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On any given day, he's going to be wearing black, white or a neutral colour. His life is clutter free and so is his closet. He's all about clean lines, simple colour combinations and the occasional bold accent. He is definitely not a 9-5 bloke and is likely to be self-employed or working in a highly creative job. You can easily spot that he's a trendsetter with his crisp appearance and nonchalant attitude!

The ideal vape flavour for a minimalist –Menthol Blend



vaping men style

Whether he's in a business suit or geared up for mountain trek, denim seems to be a staple in just about every one of his looks. His flawless lumbersexual vibe is definitely popular with the ladies, while men are often envious of his effortless cool. He loves the outdoors, adventure, nature and animals. Despite what you may think, he can work just about anywhere, from internet content creation all the way to a high-profile corporate career. His style makes it clear that he has a wide array of interests and might enjoy a deep and meaningful conversation with just about anyone.

The flavour we are most likely to find in his e-cigarette – Lime Sorbet



men style vaping

One look at this guy and you will know he's cool! He loves good food, a strong drink and scintillating conversation. Often seen wearing all black or simple colour combinations with a sophisticated cut, this is definitely someone with an incredible sense of style. His outfits certainly would look out of place at the 9-5 office. He is most likely to be working a job in which creativity and individuality are valued. Perhaps he's a designer, a blogger or an editorial photographer.

What does a cool sophisticated rocker smoke? Rich Tobacco


These are just a few of the distinct vaper styles I was able to identify, there is more, trust me. Perhaps this means, there is no ‘Vaper Style' or maybe, I've got more searching to do.

I want to hear your idea of the perfect ‘Vaper Style' comment bellow

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