Top Ten Tips to Choosing a School for Your Child

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Ensuring that children get the best education in a school which provides the best learning opportunities is one of the most important decisions which every parent has to make. Whether you are sending your child to school for the very first time or changing schools because you have recently moved to UAE, you will be keen to give your children the best possible start with the best school.  How does one determine which is the best international school Abu Dhabi to send children to? Here are the top ten tips to help you choose a school for your child:

  1. The school should provide the right environment for the age-group your child is in.

Children of different age groups require different learning environments. What is suitable for a toddler is not appropriate for a high school student. The former need step-by-step care and attention while the latter are more in need of guidance. When you set out to choose a school for your child, make sure you pay adequate attention to the fact of whether the school has the suitable environment to ensure your child can avail all the facilities that he/she needs for holistic learning.

    2. The relationship between the students and teachers is important

When you are looking at a potential school to enrol your child in, be sure to check on the dynamics of the student-teacher relationship in the school. It is extremely important that a healthy relationship exists between students and their teachers so that the former can find the right guidance from the latter at all times. Also, the right student-teacher ratio in the school will determine what kind of attention the teacher will be able to give to your child.

   3. It’s more than just the name you have to consider.

Most often parents get lured by the name of the school but there are more factors at play when it comes to the selection of the right school. Make sure you adequately read the brochures, newsletters and also visit the school campus in person to get a clearer idea of exactly what facilities the school is making available for the students.

   4. The syllabus and curricula offered

Schools are meant to ensure the best possible learning experience for their students, which is why the foremost consideration that is on any parent’s mind when selecting the right school for their children is the syllabus and curriculum being offered by the school. For age-appropriate and comprehensive learning, children need a competitive and accredited syllabus. An international academic school in Abu Dhabi will usually provide options between more than one curriculum for prospective students and parents and children can choose the most appropriate one.

   5.  The right infrastructure in the school campus.

The physical infrastructure of the school is as important as the syllabus and curriculum being offered. The state of the classrooms, playground, community halls, amphitheatre and more which parents often consider to be frivolous extras are in fact crucial to ensuring that children are learning in the right environment in their school.

   6. Opportunities for extra-curricular activities

Schooling is not just about academic excellence which is why it is important that schools also provide their students with the right opportunities and encouragement to pursue extra- and co-curricular activities of their choice. This not only breaks from the monotony of academics but also aids in the holistic development and personality growth of the students.

   7. Does the school care about every child?

Schools also need to ensure that their students are given exposure to the best possible environment to grow and learn in. Does the school provide age-appropriate learning avenues? What kinds of hygiene practices are followed? Does the school have a doctor on call? These are some of the questions you need to ask to know whether the school cares for their students.

   8. Check for accreditations

It is important for any school to have the appropriate accreditation from the appropriate government and educational authorities. This is a measure of the school meeting internationally-approved standards for teaching and learning and also keeps a check on the school’s practices.

   9. What kind of life skills is the school offering

It is not enough for the schools to get their students to learn the facts and figures of textbook learning. Providing for all-round development of the child, the school should also equip them with the necessary vocational and career competency skills to help them get prepared for their life outside of the school.

   10. What kind of involvement do the parents have?

Parents don’t always consider this important but schools should involve the parents closely with the progress of their children and the ongoing events in the school on a regular basis. An active Parent-Teacher association, frequent meetings, etc. are important and should be made a consideration in choosing the school for your child.

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